Calling Card Buyers Guide

Domestic and international calling cards are easy to use and can save lots of money, but buying the right card is more complicated than it should be.

There are many good vendors out there, but also at least as many who offer pricing schemes that only a rocket scientist could understand. In our opinion, it pays to be a smart shopper.

Below you'll find our Top 10 Calling Card Tips for buying an international calling card. Hopefully, they will help you buy the right calling card for your needs.

As well, we recommend that you comparison shop with at least 2 cards each from 2 vendors, if not more. This way, you'll see more clearly how widely card pricing and vendors can differ - and you'll gain valuable information for making the right choice.

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Top 10 Calling Card Tips

Here are our Top 10 calling card tips. Follow highlighted links for more information.

  1. Low priced cards aren't necessarily the best deal because they often have higher fees and surcharges.
  2. To avoid scams, you should choose a reliable, reputable vendor first, then pick the best phone card.
  3. Buy calling cards online instead of retail stores so you can verify company credentials and reputation.
  4. Use online account management to take advantage of advanced dialing and advanced billing features.
  5. Complicated phone card pricing makes it hard to estimate your actual per minute rate and how many minutes you'll actually get.
  6. Phone card vendors are notorious for hidden fees. Focus on vendors with no hidden fees and full disclosure of all rates and fees. See disclosure example
  7. In general, 1-minute and 3-minute cards offer the best value.
    • Choose a 1-minute card if your average call length is less than 12 minutes
    • Choose a 3-minute card if your calls are more than 12 minutes
  8. In general, 1-second and 6-second cards are not a good value because higher per minute rates offset the benefits of better call metering.
  9. If you use calling cards alot or have a lot of friends who do, save money by choosing a vendor with a good rewards program
  10. Buy from vendors who have prominent and straightforward return policies and sensible satisfaction guarantees

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